Cinque Terre
  • Kesiya
  • ZMW5 each
  • (Pine)

    Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. The purpose of online shopping is to save time, save money. Through online shopping one can save his valuable time. One can watch and select things he wants to buy. Through online shopping we can save our money because prices are less than market prices and we receive our bought things at our home.

    Cinque Terre
  • 4plate cooker defy size five twenty one
  • ZMW4500 each
  • (Stove)

    Cinque Terre
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    Cinque Terre
  • SME Guarding Services
  • ZMW1000 each
  • (SME Guarding Services)

    Shopping online is much better than going into stalls and shops to buy goods and ask for services to be rendered because it saves a lot of time. One can easily browse through our online store and e-commerce store to select whatever they want within the shortest possible time. An online storefront is a web site that enables visitors to find, order and pay for products and services. An online store is a website through which customers place orders. It may represent a small local store, a major retailer, an e-commerce store or an individual. ABC Store is the online store where you can order things and have them delivered to your address.

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