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Advance Loan Management System

Posted by: Nyirenda Shadreck on 16/4/2020 3:57 PM

LMS – Make your Bank Loan Management easy LMS is a Modern and Responsive Loan management system. It is developed by PHP and HTML 5. It is design and develop for companies, bank etc that require streamlined loan control, savings account and SMS notification system. The system also automates the savings, borrowing and payment processes. This software is a web based application used by most cooperative, mini – bank, micro-finance bank etc. to handle loan and savings transaction.

Key Features of LMS - Account Dashboard - Payment Management - Employee Management - My Wallet Module - Borrower - Bank Loan System - Module Permission - Savings Account - Email Notification System - Inbox Message - Automatic deduction of sms charges on monthly basis across all customers account. - Global Configuration and the likes.

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